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Traditional business coaching focuses on motivation and success; It doesn't teach clinicians how to launch or grow a thriving and ethical therapy practice. That's where Consult With Emily comes in. 

Isn't it strange that you rarely hear the words "therapy", "financial success" and "career satisfaction" in the same sentence? Yeah, me, either. Together, let's change that. 

Hey, Emily. What makes you so special?

I own and manage a thriving solo practice, have a top notch knack for business and have a passion for helping therapists just like you make their thera-preneurship dreams come true. Oh, and I make a pretty mean peach pie, too. 

+ Have been providing consultation to badass therapists since 2020

+ Host consulting sessions from my home office. Thanks, #Covid-19. 

+ Am passionate about enriching your life and future client's lives.

+ Believe in paying it forward

+ Will provide you with the latest information in practice management. 

What feels like a lifetime ago, I was gifted free clinical supervision. Can you believe that--Free!? My way of paying it forward is to provide an affordable and personalized in-depth curriculum to help you make your practice dreams come true. If you can dream it, I will provide you with every tool, skill and piece of knowledge you need to become a badass practice owner. 

Large corporations (I see you, BetterHelp) and local group practices profit off of you, wear you down and burn you out. Our system is broken. Help me help you because it's time that you break out on your own and launch your very own solo practice today. 

grow your vision

Consult With Emily: The business side of therapy.

Consult With Emily: The business side of therapy.

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The Curriculum

Business Planning

A treatment plan for your business. 

When Business Meets HIPAA

Clinical and ethical considerations in business.


When vision boards become a reality. This is the fun part.


Legal entity 101 and everything you need to know about business + therapy. 

Money, Money, Money!

The cost of doing business, banking and taxes.

Marketing & SEO

You're a great therapist. But, how will clients find you?

Self Employment

The good, the bad and the ugly.


Insurance Vs. Self Pay

The million dollar question for first timers. 

Financial Sustainability

Financial success and what money means to you.  

Consultation packages


Build & Launch Package

10-hours of consultation to design, build and launch your practice following ethical guidelines and professional standards. 


60 Minutes

Do you already have an abundance of knowledge and just don't know what to do with it? Let's get down to the nitty gritty and make your practice dreams and financial stability come to fruition. 


30 Minutes

Just have a few questions? No problem. A quick half hour session is a great way to check in and ensure your compliance ducks are in a row. 

Emily delivered a clear and concise education that offered me a step by step understanding of what I needed to establish a successful practice. She didn’t leave anything out; from personal vision to business marketing, liability to billing, and all those hidden aspects most people wouldn’t even know that they needed to know. She delivered it all. It’s like she read the fine print from all the places so that I wouldn’t have to. Let’s face it, I was no business major, so I knew nothing and Emily taught me the ins and outs of what was important, for a sliver of the cost other consultants were asking. I am so thankful for her program!

Anna, Missouri

Reinvent With Emily, LLC can provide business and practice consulting in any state. Consultation does not replace the use of an attorney. I am good, but I am not law school good. 

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