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Life doesn't have to suck. Let's reinvent you. 

WELCOME, Friend.

I'm looking at you. Yes, you! It's time to start prioritizing the most important thing in your life: Little ol' you. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Dating Coach
, I work with folks just like yourself that on the surface are smart, successful and appear as though they have their shit together. But, deep down are constant worriers, super bummed all of the time and are bogged down with negative self talk. Even worse, they are struggling with adulting, dating and relationshipsSound familiar? 

Whether you don't feel like yourself anymore or are having relationship issues, I can help. That's what I specialize in. Let's create a little happiness and love in your life. 

You might be asking yourself, "but Emily, how in the hell am I going to do all of that?" Great question! We will retrain your brain by way of Psychotherapy With Emily or repattern your dating difficulties with Date With Emily. And, for all of you burned out therapists out there, let's reinvent your therapy practice and career trajectory with Consult with Emily

If you want to reinvent your life today, I might just be the relationship guru for you. So, take some time to look around and learn a little more about me and the full package at Reinvent With Emily, LLC.  

Talk soon!


Emily Weis, Licensed Professional Counselor

Reinvent With Emily Weis Licensed Professional Counselor

Reinvent With Emily Weis Licensed Professional Counselor

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"I have tried so many therapists and the only one who has actually helped me is emily. My life is better because of therapy with her." 

Therapy Client, GA

Worry less, create joy and find your inner badass.

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