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Worry less and find your inner badass

A shout out to my perfectionistsworry warts and those that have a superhero power to make a mountain out of every molehill. Congratulations, you're probably anxious. Welcome!

Anxiety symptoms show up differently in everyone. Some folks notice negative self talk, ruminating thoughts and racing thoughts. Other folks experience more body symptoms and sensations such as headaches, stomachaches and muscle tension. The truth is, if you experience anxiety, you probably experience both types of anxiety at different times, different intensities and different durations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

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Symptoms of anxiety disorders

Restlessness and fidgeting


Racing heartbeat and chest tightness


Difficulty focusing or paying attention


Shortness of breath or shallow breathing


Inability to turn your mind off


Gastrointestinal distress


Headaches and muscleaches


Fatigue or feeling tired for no good reason

Therapy treatment for anxiety

The treatment of anxiety includes the treatment of your mind and body. To reduce negative self talk and flooding of emotions, we will use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat your anxiety symptoms. However, it's also important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle which includes good sleep hygiene, physical activity, healthy nutrition and hydration, and pleasant activities (that's the technical term for having a little fun)!

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