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therapy for therapists

Hey, Clinician!

You've spent a fortune earning advanced degrees and specialized trainings to become the best therapist you could become. Who woulda thunk that somewhere along the way the weight of vicarious trauma, stress and burnout would have started to eat away at your happiness and damage your relationships. Yikes!


You've probably even asked yourself at some point, "I have degrees in this shit. Why can't I fix myself?"

You know what's ironic? Most therapists specialize in feelz and relationships, but many are lonely as hell. And, if you are anything like the therapists I have met, you are very skilled at putting on a good face, but you're actually drowning in compassion fatigue, treatment planning and are behind on progress notes. Ew.

But, here you are. You know all of the fancy therapy jargon, have an arsenal of therapy skillz and could assess a crisis with your eyes closed. And you're smart enough to set aside your pride and recognize that even helpers need help. It's time to prioritize your health and wellbeing

Therapy With Emily

Therapy For Therapists

Therapy For Therapists

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