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with emily

Dating is weird. One minute you're texting each other until 2am and the next minute you're getting ghosted. Or, are you the one that's doing the ghosting? 

Let's shift your situationships into creating a deep and meaningful relationships. 


Date A different way.

Learn about decades of relationship research, neurobiology (it's weirdly important) and practicing secure attachment behaviors while dating. You'll reinvent yourself in no time. 

Are you ready?

What is date with emily?

A personal dating coach and relationship coach all rolled into one. It's fun, full of laughs and, as always, quite a few goals. 

Step aside dating apps, there's a new pro in town. 

What is date with emily not?

Coaching is not mental health treatment. 

If you are seeking therapy, check out relationship therapy


Create your relationship goals

Most of us can tell everyone exactly what we don't want in a relationship. But, can you identify what you do want? And most importantly, if you bumped into it on a date would you know what to do?


Relationship Trauma

Like it or hate it, we've all been burned at one time or another. And, that sticks with us. It is likely influencing the potential matches you are going out with--for better or worse. 


What's not working for you?

You wouldn't be looking for someone like me if you weren't falling flat on your face. So, what's not working for you? You might be surprised that most people don't actually know--They just feel stuck. 


Attachment Patterns

How do you connect to yourself? How do you connect with potential dates? Let's break your bad patterns. 


What's working for you?

You wouldn't have made it this far without doing a few things right. So, what's working for you?


Repatterning your relationship behaviors. 

This is the fun part. Let's get messy, make mistakes and learn to date differently. Don't worry, I'll tell you what not to do. 

Reinvent With Emily, LLC can provide dating and relationship coaching in any state. 

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