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Psychotherapy with emily

Life is hard in all the ways you never expected it to be hard, but easy in all of the ways you never expected it to be. 

Psychotherapy With Emily is not your mama's therapy. It makes the hard stuff a little easier. 

Hey, Emily. How in the hell am I gonna reinvent myself?


Great question! We will retrain your brain by way of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness, repattern your relationship issues by way of Attachment Therapy like Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy and sort out the rest with a little Gottman Method and Polyvagal Theory, all while sharing a few chuckles along the way. Not too scary, am I right? 

If you live in Georgia or Michigan and are on the hunt for modern online therapy, I might just be the therapist for you. So, take some time to look around and learn a little more about me and evidenced based therapies used at Reinvent With Emily.

Therapy 101 With Emily Weis

Therapy 101 With Emily Weis

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Adult Therapy

You're a person, not a diagnoses. Let's get messy, make mistakes and reinvent your life in whatever ways you want to.  

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Depression Therapy

If retail therapy isn't working anymore, perhaps we should talk about something you didn't buy; Your bummed out moods

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Anxiety Therapy

Your anxious thoughts are becoming a kill joy for you and those you share your life with. It's time to prioritize YOU. 

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Relationship Therapy

Stop doing the same thing over and over again and learn to create deep and meaningful connections

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Couples Therapy

Stop arguing, stop ignoring each other and learn to connect and communicate in the way that is happy and healthy. 

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Therapy for Therapists

You've got the degrees and you also have the story of what lead you to becoming a therapist. There's probably something to process there. 

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In short, a quiet mind + calm body = a life of enjoyment

Reinvent With Emily, LLC can provide psychotherapy for individuals located in Georgia and Michigan.  

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