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Walk With Emily

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Reinvent With

with emily

Tybee Island, GA

therapy in tybee island

walk & talk therapy 
offered at tybee island

Walk and Talk therapy is exactly as it sounds. It's therapy while walking. Join me for therapy outdoors. Let's take a stroll along the beaches of Tybee Island all while doing a little therapy along the way.


Studies show that walking stimulates the release of endorphins and reduces stress hormones including cortisol. #Science!

Walk and Talk Therapy Tybee Island
walk with emily weis
tybee island georgia therapy

Fun facts about walk & talk therapy

A freeing and active approach to releasing emotions while talking, processing and reinventing you.  


Increase mind body awareness through active movement. 


You'll notice improvements in mood while your body is in motion.


You won't get as overwhelmed with worry because your body and mind will distribute tension. 


A bang for your buck! Work out, beautiful views + therapy all for the price of one. 

The details about walk & Talk Therapy

Your first appointment, known as an intake session, must be a virtual appointment. Walk & Talk Therapy is only available for follow-up sessions. 


In an effort to avoid the heat and tourist season, Walk & Talk Therapy is only available after 5:00pm.


There's not bad weather, only bad clothing. Take a look at a weather app before attending a session. 


You can elect for virtual sessions in lieu of Walk & Talk Therapy at any time. 


Due to the nature of walking along public beaches, your privacy cannot be guaranteed. 

Salty air, sunshine and sandy toes. It's a new way to do therapy. 

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