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5 Signs You Might Need Therapy (and How to Find the Right Therapist)

signs you need therapy

We all go through difficult times in our lives – it’s a given we’re all human! But sometimes, times can be harder than others and we need that little bit more support to help us deal with all the crap that’s coming our way.

This is the part when therapy could come into your life, like the light at the end of the tunnel! People seek out therapy for various reasons and for many people it can be a hugely beneficial addition to their lives.

Therapy can be a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

But, how do you know if therapy is right for you? Here are 5 signs that might indicate it’s time to consider seeking professional help.

You're feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope

Honestly, sometimes daily life can feel overwhelming so it’s normal to experience stress and anxiety from time to time.

However, when these feelings are more persistent and start to interfere with your ability to get on with your life, therapy could be a valuable resource.

Are you constantly feeling on edge, unable to relax, or struggling to complete daily tasks? Do you find yourself withdrawing from social activities or hobbies you used to enjoy? These could be indicators of underlying anxiety or depression that a therapist can help you manage.

Your emotions feel out of control

Everyone has negative emotions, like anger or sadness, and difficulty handling them from time to time. In fact, these experiences can be healthy and even necessary as a type of emotional calibration.

However, if you are finding yourself having heightened negative emotions more often than not or are struggling with regulating them, therapy can serve as a useful tool.

Are you easily angered or prone to outbursts? Are you feeling excessively sad, hopeless, or numb? A therapist can help you understand the root of these emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms for expressing and managing them.

You’ve experienced a traumatic event

Life throws us curveballs, and sometimes these can be in the form of traumatic events like accidents, loss of a loved one, or violence.  

While everyone processes trauma differently, if you're finding it difficult to move forward, experiencing flashbacks or nightmares, or struggling to cope with overwhelming emotions, it may be a good idea to speak to a professional.

Healing is a long process that isn’t always linear. Having a therapist guide you through this process will help you come to terms with your feelings and develop strategies to move forward with your life.

Your relationships are starting to suffer

As human beings, we’re all social creatures that crave relationships, but they often need nurturing. If your emotions are getting in the way of the relationships you have with friends, family, or partners, it can have a huge impact on your well-being.

If you’re finding yourself constantly arguing with loved ones, struggling to communicate effectively, or feeling isolated, connecting with a therapist could be the missing piece to your puzzle.

A therapist can equip you with the tools you need for better communication, conflict resolution, and building stronger relationships with the people around you – remember, these are people who care about you and want the best for you, don’t lose sight of that!

You’ve tried other self-help strategies but nothing seems to work

We’ve all seen the self-help books that go viral on social media, I don’t blame you for buying them and hoping that they would change your life – it can be pretty disappointing when nothing changes, right?

Although there are so many experts out there, genuinely helpful self-help books, and beneficial mindfulness techniques, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. You’ve got to find what works for you!

If you’ve tried lots of different approaches and haven’t seen significant improvements, therapy sessions will provide you with a more personalized and targeted approach. Together with your therapist, you can identify patterns in your thoughts and behaviours, and develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs.

How to find the right therapist

Okay, let's chat about finding the right therapist! It's a big decision, but trust me, it's worth it for your mental health. Here's how to navigate the sometimes confusing world of therapy.

First things first, think about the practical stuff. Does your insurance cover therapy? How much are you willing to spend?

You should also consider whether you’re looking for in-person therapy, or if you would feel more comfortable doing everything over Zoom. Online therapy can be more convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule and would rather be in the comfort of your own home, but in-person therapy may work better for you.

Now, onto the exciting part: finding your therapy match! Talking to your doctor, a trusted friend, or a colleague can lead you to great recommendations. There are also therapist directories online, like Psychology Today, where you can search by location, insurance, and even the kind of therapy they specialize in. Speaking of specialities, therapists often focus on specific things like anxiety, depression, or relationship woes. If you're wrestling with something particular, find someone who gets it.

The most important thing? Finding someone you click with. Therapy is all about feeling safe and comfortable enough to open up. Browse therapist websites to get a sense of their style and approach. Many therapists offer short phone consultations, which is a fantastic way to see if they're a good fit. Don't be shy – ask questions about their experience with your concerns, how they typically work with clients and their fees.

Start your therapy journey today

If you’ve decided you might need therapy, you’ve already done the hardest part of the process.

Now it’s time to find a therapist that aligns with your needs and begin your sessions. As a licensed professional counselor, I work with a range of clients to help them reinvent their lives and become a better version of themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about my services, get in touch today!

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